Air Freight

Air Freight

Supramarine organizes fast, international air transport solutions for general-purpose dry cargoes as well as:
- heavy cargo;
- special cargoes;
- oversized cargo;
- consolidated cargoes;
- perishable goods.

We provide:
- delivery of goods to the nearest airport in any country, including China;
- registration of required documentation;
- air transportation to Ukraine to Boryspil airport (IATA: KBP, ICAO: UKBB)
- delivery of cargo to a consolidation warehouse in Europe with subsequent delivery to Ukraine;
- delivery of cargo from the airport directly to the customer;
- customs clearance, cargo Insurance;
- any kind of loading / unloading facilities;
- escorted cargo at all stages of transportation.

Air transport of cargo by Supramarine offers reasonable tarrifs, full security and maximum-speed of delivery.

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Freight Forwarding Service

Freight Forwarding Service

Supramarine provides freight forwarding service for maritime containers in Ukrainian ports: Odessa, Yuzhny, Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk), as well as forwarding services in foreign ports with the help of an established network of agents.

Service includes:
- preparation of documents;
- THC (loading and unloading operations);
- phytosanitary inspection;
- veterinary control;
- sanitary and epidemiological control;
- customs control;
- and other services in seaports.

With correct documentation from shipper/consignee, Supramarine guarantees forwarding within 24 hours in the ports of Ukraine.

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Land Transportation

Land Transportation

Supramarine provides ground transportation services, including road and rail, in Ukraine as well as international transportation throughout the EU.

With 43 of its own trucks and semi-trailers, Supramarine allows the transportation of cargoes in a timely manner. Our representative offices in Bulgaria and Poland provide a high-quality service for transportation within the EU.

In addition, this service includes:
- transportation of goods under under temperature-controlled conditions;
- loading and unloading operations;
- consolidation of goods in warehouses in Poland and Bulgaria with daily shipments to Ukraine;
- customs clearance, cargo insurance;
- preparation of all required documentation.

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FEA Outsourcing

FEA Outsourcing

Supramarine provides a full range of services for outsourcing your foreign trade activities.

Our team of professionals will:
- conduct preliminary negotiations with suppliers of goods;
- conclude legally competent contracts;
- provide preliminary calculation of the cost of delivery;
- register all required documents;
- assist in customs clearance of goods;
- register of a full package of documents and permits for trade in imported goods in Ukraine.

In addition, we can act as an import / export agent in conducting trade operations, as well as:

- issuing letters of credit and other financial guarantees in local and foreign banks;
- carrying out customs clearance of cargo, with further resale to a third person;
- certifying of goods in accordance with the legislation and the buyer;
- distributing cargo in small lots.

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Warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics

Supramarine provides warehouse logistics services:
- сonsolidation cargo in warehousing in Europe;
- preparing documents with onward delivery to Ukraine;
- consolidation of export goods at our own warehouse complex in Odessa (Ukraine) with further stuffing into the container and delivery to the port;
- certification; - unloading and storage of goods at our customs-licensed warehouse;

Our warehouse capacities allows you the loading of goods as in the direct option handling ( w / o - auto; auto - railway; auto-car; and not in a direct variant, with further storage in the warehouse

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Intermodal Logistics

Intermodal Logistics

Supramarine offers an effective integrated solution for cargo delivery in sea containers using road, rail and water transport providing:
- delivery from door to door;
- delivery of goods through European ports to Ukraine;
- delivery of goods by transit through Ukrainian ports;
- delivery of imported goods by direct service in Ukraine;
- export deliveries from Ukraine abroad.

In addition, Supramarine organizes the shipping of:
- cargoes under temperature controlled using ref-containers and diesel generators;
- oversized cargo in open-tops / flat-tracks containers on our own low-load heavy vehicles;
- liquid cargo using flex-tanks in standard containers.

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Customs сlearance

Customs сlearance

We provide a confidential customs clearance procedure with full responsibility for the cargo.

We use our experience for:
- support and guidance of our clients in customs procedures;
- calculating rates and calculating customs duties;
- customs procedures for import / export;
- export of goods to ATA CARNET;
- customs clearance of project cargoes;
- re-export or re-import of goods;
- customs clearance of goods for individuals, in particular registration of personal belongings / cars.

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LTL/LCL Logistics

LTL/LCL Logistics

Supramarine offers a full range of worldwide logistics services for less-than-container (LCL) & trailer-load cargo (LTL).

We can handle shipments starting from 1m3 and provide:
- freight consolidation;
- documentation;
- warehousing;
- cargo insurance.

In addition, Supramarine consolidates cargoes at warehouses in Poland and Bulgaria for onward transportation to Ukraine.

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